6 Good Reasons It Pays To Buy Original Products Always

Consumers are often tempted to patronize substandard products.  Let’s say you need a new laptop computer but don’t have much to spend on it.  Say the average price of a brand new laptop is N120,000 but all you have to spare is N45,000.

Somebody gives you an option to buy a product you are not familiar with.  You are so used to your particular brand but not this brand you are advised to try out.  So, what do you do?

If you go window shopping or you check online, you will see price lists and catalogs of brand new laptop computers with the same specifications you want and with almost the same description and of the same brand, but with considerably lower price, say N90,000.

Would you purchase an N120,000 computer for just N45,000?

If you do, you run the risk of buying a counterfeited product because that product might not be authentic.  But, it is cheap and a great deal. You will be paying less than half the price of a genuine product!

Counterfeiting is a crime, but buying a counterfeit might not be a crime under the law because you may not know it’s counterfeit.  However, buying a product which is not original comes with dire consequences.

Here are 6 good reasons you should always

1. Original products of 0f high quality

Original goods are of the highest quality.  An original product will not be up for sale if it did not pass the manufacturer’s quality assurance test.  Although, it may come with a somewhat high markup.

That is justified by the high quality of the product you have purchased.  The manufacturer had created the best product for you using high-quality materials.  You should not compromise quality for a price reduction.

Counterfeiters don’t have the time for product improvement.   They are generally out there to make a quick profit illegally and have no incentive to put quality into their production.

A genuine original product would last for quite a long time if handled with care.  On the other hand, a fake product may soon fail to serve you.  Like the computer that we talked about.  Some of its major components would soon wear out and it may fail to work altogether.

2. Avoid Partaking in a Crime

Indirectly though, you are helping to perpetuate a crime if you fail to buy original products. You are likely unaware that buying fake products means that you are using your money to fund a sort of organized crime. Buying counterfeit products simply implies you are giving your money to dishonest persons.  Both producer and seller of counterfeit are committing a crime.

You are not likely to be arrested but you will pay for it in another way.  Buying fake products costs the manufacturers of the original some expense of time and money.

They spend a lot fighting back against counterfeiting.  Such funds could be expended on research to improve on the original which may eventually lead to price reduction.

Patronizing fake products causes the prices for the legitimate product to rise because the cost incurred fighting counterfeiting is passed on to final consumers.

Yes, counterfeiting is not an exercise happening by mistake.  It is not a case of innocent production.  It is an organized crime.  The only way to stay out and not be a part of them is to ensure you buy original products at all times from authorized distributors or retailers.

By insisting on the original, you are opting out of another crime. Stealing patented designs.  Counterfeiters don’t have their own designs.  They steal the designs and the work of the original manufacturers.

3. Original products are less prone to causing dangerous health issues

By going for original products instead of the fake (the reasons are obvious) you are taking a precaution against unsolicited health hazards.  It is easier for the doctor to say “mind your health.”  But it is not easy for him to say “don’t buy fake products, always go for the original.”

The truth is, products that are not original are made of inferior materials and usually contain toxic ingredients which could eventually pose danger to your health.  So if the doctor does not tell you this, I will say plainly, “Go for originals always.  Make it a habit.”

Some fake products contain banned substances that could be injurious to your health, especially the ones you use directly on your body.  Be careful.

4. Buying originals improve your public image

For most people who use the kind of products you intend on buying, a fake product will be easy for them to notice.  If you don’t buy the original, it will be so obvious and you may likely be the subject of image scandal.

People who don’t use original products are never taken seriously and it can irreversibly damage your reputation. Using original products improves your image in the eyes of the people.  They will take you for that and would want to associate with you unlike when you are noted for buying fake things.

Fake products are much pretty obvious to anyone who knows a bit about the product.  So don’t fool yourself, buy the original even if it means saving up for some time.

5. Cleaner and more friendly environment

Original products are made using the most current technologies which allow manufacturing processes that are cleaner, green and eco-friendly.  You are thus contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.  Such processes are usually certified by the government and regulatory agencies.

Fake products, on the other hand, are produced in secret.  The government is not happy with producers of fake items, why should you?

6. Original products have good second-hand value

Due to the high quality of standards under which original products are produced, they tend to have high second-hand values if you want to resell them.  Just imagine trying to dispose of a fake washing machine in a second-hand sale.  Who will buy it?  It would probably have stopped working long before you wished to dispose of it.

Original products are easy to dispose as second hand even at a good price.  Even at that, they could remain in perfect working condition.

For one reason or the other, it is better to go for the original, genuine product manufactured with quality materials under standard, government-recognized production procedures so you can enjoy your product while using it.

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